Fond-Stamp S.p.A., one of a kind Company thanks to the presence of four different productions in the same site of Rocca de’ Baldi and above all for the lost-foam technique used for the creation of cast iron and steel castings, is on the national and international market as a fundamental part of an important and prestigious group of Companies, EF Group, which is headed by his President Enrico Frigerio and which includes the following realities:

Fonderia di Torbole
based in Torbole Casaglia (Brescia), specialized in the production of brake discs and drums, which directly supplies the Automotive sector worldwide

EF Automotive
located inside the Fonderia di Torbole plant, which performs mechanical and finishing operations on brake discs and drums

PBF Foundry
based in Lallio (Bergamo), specialized in the production of grey and nodular iron castings for the most various industrial sectors

For the production of polystyrene patterns, Fond-Stamp is supported by the FF s.r.l. of Turin, a strategic and dynamic partner, which thanks also to the long experience in this field, guarantees a perfect integration with the foundry and its processes.