Steel foundry

Production of steel castings

The production started in 2003 in order to fulfil the requirements of our Customers and in a very short time the steel foundry could reach a very high qualitative standards and became one of the European Leader.

Over the years a major enlargement of the production area was completed and this considerably increased the production capacity.

In the steel foundry we both use the technique of LOST FOAM process with polystyrene patterns as well as the traditional wooden patterns and this involves a wide variety of materials.

The Automotive industry is the main market , but the production covers also many other sectors.

Production capacity

Currently the steel foundry can produce castings with a maximum weight of 8 Tons per piece has the following equipment:

  • No. 1 silica sand mixer;
  • No. 1 chromite sand mixer;
  • No. 4 Inductotherm electric furnaces;
  • No. 1 shake-out machine;
  • No. 1 sandblasting machine;
  • No. 2 heat treatment furnaces;
  • No. 6 suction systems