Pattern shop

Construction of polystyrene patterns

The unique feature of the Company is the use of polystyrene patterns for the production of castings, and thanks to this technique, is it possible at reasonable costs, a significant operational flexibility and a very wide variety of products.

The long-standing experience on the LOST FOAM technology of the pattern shop and the CAD-CAM center has been implemented, in the last years, with the advanced simulation software MAGMASOFT. This system allows a major integration between the pattern construction and the foundry activities.

Software MAGMASOFT, the world’s leader in the sector of simulation of casting processes, shows the melting and solidification phases, highlights the risks of defects and provides important devices to be added during the models construction.

The technological equipment of the center CAD-CAM consists also of two important systems of digital measurement:

  • GOM ATOS Device for industrial 3D scanning;
  • GOM TRITOP Device for optical 3D coordinate measuring for frame analysis

The devices can check both the patterns and castings and permit us to compare them with the original Project received by the customer.

Production capacity

The activities take place in the two production plants ,  Rocca de’ Baldi and Turin , where we have the following technological endowments:

  • No. 2 CAD-CAM centers;
  • No. 4 milling machines for polystyrene patterns;
  • No. 2 milling machines for logos, inscriptions and accessories;
  • No. 1 automatic wire cutting;
  • No. 2 manual milling machines;
  • No. 3 manual band saws;
  • No. 2 wire planer;
  • No. 1 compactor for processing waste;
  • No. 1 suction filter