Cast iron foundry

Production of cast iron foundry

The cast iron foundry evolved and improved its skills in the production of casting with polystyrene patterns  ( lost foam process ).

The long-lasting experience in this sector allows a large flexibility both in the production of single pieces or of small series.

The production is not only aimed to supply castings for the Automotive Industry, but also for other sectors such as energy and mechanics.

Recently some cast iron flowerpots have been realized and they are not only elements of ornament, but thanks to their features, they also have the function of traffic blocks. The first installation was made in Brescia, but then we get many requests from different Italian districts.

Thanks to its facilities, Fond-Stamp can produce grey and nodular castings by using a process managed by advanced control systems.

A wide net of interconnections combines the management center with different control devices, in order to guarantee a constant supervision of the production. This is fundamental, in order to meet the high quality standards, which are required by our Customers.

Sophisticated new equipment permit the continuous inspection and monitoring of the production process, while ensuring compliance with ecological and environmental standards.

Production capacity

Currently the cast iron foundry can produce castings with a maximum weight of 25 Tons per piece and has the following equipment:

  • No. 2 silica sand mixers;
  • No. 1 chromite sand mixer;
  • No. 1 painting plant;
  • No. 2 drying ovens;
  • No. 2 CIME electric furnaces;
  • No. 1 automatic spheroidizing plant;
  • No. 1 GK shake-out machine;
  • No. 2 sandblasting machines;
  • No. 1 painting spray booth;
  • No. 11 suction systems