Metallurgical analysis center

It was founded over 30 years ago to support the cast iron foundry and in 2012 the laboratory was completely renewed with the most modern equipment for testing , analysis and simulation.

The Metallurgical Analysis Center ( CAM ) improves the functionality by testing the mechanical and structural features of metals.

It uses adjustment tools for microscopic analysis , the universal testing machine for tensile , elongation , impact strength and hardness that allows us to define accurately the mechanical properties both of iron and steel castings.

The instruments permit the non-destructive testing such as Ultrasonic and Magnetic particle inspections.

We further enhanced the activity of casting simulation with the software MAGMA 5.3 and its new locations for the preparation and the validation of input data.

Equipment list

The Laboratory is equipped with following analysis tools:

  • NIKON 100x-500x microscope with digital archive
  • DINO-LITE 50x – 100x – 200x Portable Magnifier for surface analysis
  • ERNST STE-B portable hardness tester
  • SPECTROLAB M7 for chemical analysis of cast iron
  • SPECTROMAX for chemical analysis of steel
  • USM Go ADVANCED for not destructive testing
  • Yoke TWST SN 24 for magnetoscope analysis
  • Hoytom 150 kN for tensile  (elongation and hardness )
  • MAGMA 5.3 for casting simulation